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Personalised research for a personalised experience

Personalised research for a personalised experience


A UK government agency was keen to share its new website with potential users to assess ease of use, navigation, content and whether the site provided the information that users were looking for. As users came from a wide variety of backgrounds, Individual Depth Interviews (IDIs) was chosen as the most appropriate research methodology to capture individual needs and journeys.

The website development was under serious time pressure and it was important for actionable feedback to be obtained quickly so that changes and improvements could be made without delay. It was also essential to capture quotes in the form of video clips to share with the development team, helping them to understand user opinions.


HT FACE allowed moderators to share screen with respondents and explore how they would use the website, where they would go, what they would look at and what they might like to change.  It also allowed the use of a MIRO whiteboard, which allowed respondents to create their own ideal website.


The client was able to make significant changes to their website making it more comprehensive, more user friendly, more personalised (a really important aspect) and more likely to attract a wider range of visitors who would use the website regularly.  The website was further developed and the new version went into beta testing.

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