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Come Together…Centrally

Come Together…Centrally


An OTT service provider (above and beyond normal streaming) was conducting the same project over two different markets with overlapping dates, namely, Bangkok and Seoul. Given that the observing clients were common to both, it made sense for a central coordination team of researchers to work on both locations. These were the people who were most familiar with the clients’ needs. Not only was the research study centrally coordinated but so was the High Tech streaming with simultaneous translations in two different languages.


HT FACE has an easy-to-use intuitive interface that allowed the streaming service to be handled with ease and centrally coordinated without any complicated setup issues. Even the need for multiple languages translation was simple to incorporate into the plan. All that was needed was to setup the different interviewing rooms and the central console then allowed comprehensive control over the different rooms.


Without the need to watch over lots of different screens, all focus groups in both Bangkok and Seoul were run, streamed, translated, and recorded into the cloud at one central control console. High Tech technical support was available throughout but the systems worked well and delivered the project with no problems.


Client The High Tech experience was super and the quality of the sim trans was far superior than anything we have used previously.”  Insight Director JTI

From High TechChallenges like this are great for High Tech as our products are designed for just this sort of situation. This was a really good example where a central console kept it simple and secure for the client even across borders and locations.

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